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Updated: He’s Cheer Captain, and I’m on the Bleachers


Author:  K8Malloy

Summary:  A/U: The best way to make new friends is extra-curriculars. Walking in to McKinley’s gym one blistering hot August morning, sophomore Blaine Anderson couldn’t have known how much he’d learn about himself, about life, and about love from Cheerio Co-Captain Kurt Hummel. Will they be able to keep their attraction contained long enough to win a National Championship?

Update:  22                          Last Updated:  4/22/2014

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Updated: Love and Other Stimulants


Author:  Orange-Coyote

Summary:  AU. Famous!Kurt. Kurt decides to grab a cup of coffee on his own, without the complexity of security. Blaine, a student and also a fan of Kurt’s, sits in the same LA coffee shop attempting to finish an essay. Some paparazzi show up and once Blaine catches a glimpse of Kurt he decides to help the designer out. What will come of their meeting?

Update:  14                               Last Updated:  4/22/2014

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